Fun Autumn Baking!

Our Autumn themed half-term continued this week with apple and ginger muffin making. Led by Mandy, the children are participating in a baking session using the seasons apple harvest (fresh from Mandy’s garden). With all the ingredients assembled, the children help to count spoonfuls of oil, smell the ginger and taste the chopped apple going into the buns. Mandy explains that it is harvest time; that the flour in the mix comes from wheat growing in farmers fields, and apples from trees at this time of year. Finally the children are invited to taste the muffins and take one home. We think they are enjoying them.
Our Autumn display shows the conkers, cones and acorns that we can see in the environment around us. Some children have brought in leaves to contribute to the display. Please help them to continue doing so. We encourage the children to explore these natural objects, feel the texture and observe changing colours. Sometimes we can help to provide vocabulary that describes their observations and by doing so help children to build one of the skills required for literacy development.

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