Spring is in the air!

As we come back after half term we are delighted that Spring is in the air. We did have great fun with the children in the snow and the ice but nothing can beat the feeling of the warm sun in the air and the excitement of new life pushing up through the flower beds.

We welcome our children back on Monday 22 February and can confirm that we are now technically full all day Monday and Wednesday mornings. BUT if you are a new parent do please enquire about the few spaces we still have on Thursdays and Fridays, and/or to put your name down on our waiting list as there is often an opportunity for a new place to just pop up out of the blue. We also hope to go back up to our regular numbers at some point during this calendar year.

As we start to move out of lockdown and into a more regular way of life, we assure you that we will continue to provide all the children in our sessions with a stable, safe and nurturing environment and lots of opportunities to learn through play, have fun and prepare for school.

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